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Cowabunga, Gardening Gone Vert!


Trends in vertical gardening as seen In the Garden on CBS|KCAL 9 News.  Click here to watch the video -

Vertical gardening was first inspired from the fairytale, Rapunzel (ironically there is a Rapunzel plant. Its scientific name is Valerianella locusta).  However, the untold story is she heard “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down” when what really was said was “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, lets plant some flowers in your hair.” An honest mistake as you can well see.


Dude…Cool Wave Series of Plants are just that – Cool!

1Did you see our Cool Wave pansy expose? What are you waiting for? Click here to continue.

Cool Wave™ pansies have make their debut in the Wave™ Family of easy-spreading color to provide gardeners with a fresh, modern way to infuse garden beds, hanging baskets and patio containers with vivid color during the cool season. In warm climates they last up to a month longer than ‘other’ pansies.

Cool Wave pansies provide fun, bright and creative ways to decorate your outdoor space. Traditionally purchased in autumn, you can still get a few months of long-lasting color options — frost, white, yellow, violet wing and a mixture.

Perfect for lush containers and garden beds, Cool Wave pansies spread and trail vigorously 24 to 30 inches. Gardeners also can add Cool Wave as the “spiller” variety to mixed baskets, as the blooms will flow over the side of containers, creating a stunning arrangement. Cool Wave provides gardeners with high-impact ground cover with fewer plants in garden beds and landscapes.

Cool Wave pansies also are an economical option for gardeners, as they provide up to three seasons of color in southern climates, blooming throughout winter months. In the north, Cool Wave demonstrates superior overwintering hardiness up to USDA Hardiness Zone 5, withstanding frost and returning in spring earlier than other pansies to complement bulb varieties such as tulips and daffodils.


Nick's Wife's Cheese Rolls

They look like croissants - but they aren't.  They are moist bread rolls perfect to eat alone or stuffed with your favorite meat.  They are great at room temperature for on-the-go snacking or warmed up.  You can stuff them with chicken, turkey, pastrami get the picture!  Vegetarians like to fill them up with lettuce and tomato.

Shirleys Cheese Rolls


The Language of Flowers on KLCS


Everybody likes to receive flowers. But what does it mean if you give

lavender to your wife and basil to your secretary? Whether you’re on the

giving or receiving end, flowers make a statement. Sometimes a strong

one. For the love in your life, red roses are interpreted as love and

beauty. Camellia flowers represent excellence with Clematis for mental

beauty. If you’ve ever received Dahlias before are you sure someone’s

not hinting of instability? Daisies are safe to give as they emulate

innocence. Dill is for those that are irresistible. Remembering someone

with Forget-me-not and Pansies are for fond memories. Oh, yeah. Lavender

for your wife – not good it means distrust and basil to your secretary

means love.


Here’s a short list of flowers, plants and their meanings…be careful not

to send the wrong message:



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