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Thank you for taking the time to read my message about Sustainable Environmental Educations (SEE) program called SEE My Garden Grow!


Before we start I’m going to share something with you I don’t like to talk about because I feel like it’s bragging.  For years I’ve received letters from listeners that have limited vision or are completely blind.  They share a humbling perceptive that says “You make me see when you talk about gardening.”  When I was asked by the father of a 27 year old autistic son, to create a horticulture therapy curriculum for James and his community I was moved.  This father has the same confidence in me as those that wrote those letters.  I want to help those in need to see plants grow, to see flowers bloom, to see what it feels like to have fertile soil make things come alive.

Gardening is my passion. Gardening is my life.  Sharing what I know in the world of gardening gives me a passion for life.  I don’t have any immediate family members with Autism or other special needs but I feel compelled that is a really good thing and it’s not beneath me to ask and if needed, beg you for donations.  

We also need support from grants, foundations and corporate sponsorship.  Please give us call at (562)945-6469 and Pam will connect you with the person to help and we have a PDF whitepaper we can send you.

The bottom line?  SEE My Garden Grow needs your help. 

There are several ways to donate:

1.  To make a donation by credit card, call Sustainable Environmental Education at 1-800-464-4374 or (562)945-6469, ask for Pam.

2. Send a check of $25, $50, $100 or more to: Sustainable Environmental Education (please earmark to: SEE My Garden Grow) P.O. Box 5832, Whittier, CA 90602-5831.

3. Make all of your on-line purchases through iGive.  They get up to .05% to 3% of all of your purchases.  Click here to sign up (it’s free).

4. Until December 31, 2012 the OC Register has a Free Home and Garden Package plus $1000 shopping spree.  It’s FREE to sign up, click here for details.

Click here to give every time you make an on-line purchase.   Click here to sign up for the OC Register FREE Home and Garden Package and $1000 shopping spree.












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