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Edible Centerpieces

1 Centerpiece
History: The centerpiece has a rich history. In Roman times tables were adorned with leaves. In the middle ages aristocrats has so much food there wasn’t room for a centerpiece. Moving forward to the 18th century servants would go as far as putting mirrors under their centerpieces to make them look fancier than they already were. The next 100 years included flowers to reflect the season they were in (I guess looking out the window was too hard). In the early 20th century flowers were replaced by figurines. The came along flower power of the 60’s and 70’s bringing it all back to full circle with leaves, grass (use your imagination) and lots of flowers!

2 Centerpiece
Today, centerpieces are about pretty much anything. I favor a nice setting with a cornucopia of edible flowers, fruits and vegetables. Include some dipping sauce and I may not even eat the main course.

3 Centerpiece
When in doubt, get edible flowers from the farmers market. Explain to your guests that they can eat the flowers, but, don’t get crazy because edible flowers can be a diuretic. And, if you don’t have several bathrooms than it’s going to get ugly.

4 Centerpiece
There’s no need to spend lots of money on a centerpiece. You can have a small vase with a flower in it with fruit perched all the way around. Or, take a dish with a lip on it and build away. Of course, keep your eye on Uncle Horace as he’s the kind of wise guy that’ll start picking from the bottom just to see what happens.

5 Centerpiece
Another fun centerpiece is by getting a bunch of living herbs. Arrange them in such a fashion so you can’t see the containers then put a couple pairs of scissors nearby so guest can pick and cut to their pallets delight.

6 Centerpiece
If you want to talk to me in person about edible centerpieces or whatever is on your gardening mind, call me 24/7, toll free, at 1-800-405-NICK(6425) and I’ll call you back when we are live and on-the-air.

7 Centerpiece

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