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2013 Gardening Trends

Just like having the newest cell phone, electronics or most up-to-date hair style, gardening has trends that can't be ignored.  Gardening changes at a slower pace but unlike fingernail fashion it's worked on and developed over many years before it hits the marketplace. Let’s take a look at what gardening trends can provide for this year.

Organic vs Natural It's neck and neck with organic anything and if it's natural.  Organics are expensive so in order to keep costs down companies are creating products without going through a third party certification proccess.  "Technically" many products on the market are 100% organic it's just that by not getting that stamp of approval they can't be legally called organic and must be labeled 'natural.'  The bottom line is to read, read and read.  See what the product is all about then decide for yourself.

Bright Colors: From flowers to garden ornaments accenting your yard and garden with bright colors is a must.  Over the past five years we have seen the worst economic downturn in history.  If you are going to be broke, might as well be positive about it and bright colors will help out with that process.

Reinventing and Repurposing: Oh, this is bigger than ever.  Let your imagination run wild!  If you have a broken down teak garden bench cut it up and make a planter box out of it.  Instead of burning that old log drill some holes in it, stuff with suet and birds can make a tasty habitat out of it.  Instead of throwing it away look at it from a different perspective to see how you can use it again.

Eating for Health: I have a saying (trademarked by the way) "If you have one small houseplant or acres of land - you're gardening."  Growing edibles is such a rewarding experience.  Vertical, raised, container and in-ground gardening offers a healthy experience to grow most anything, anywhere with an eye on healthy eating.  You may not be able to sustain a garden all year 'round but with local farms and quality vegie marts indulge in things that are good for you.

Making Smarter Shopping Choices: There's a lot of junk on market.  Because technology is literally at the hands of the consumer with smart phones they are weighing in on the value of their purchases based on quality and longevity.  The impulse buy went bye-bye, the intelligent, informed purchase is now here.

Workshops, Seminars and Classes: Although the Internet is good for researches gardening classes, workshops, seminars and the like are ever-so-popular.  You can attend with relative anonymity (like using the Internet) or you can jump right in and get your questions answered by the experts that know.  Plus, it gets you out of the house for a few minutes to become social with real people not a computer.

Outdoor Living Spaces: There still is a trend of staying home instead of traveling.  Outdoor living spaces have increased and show they are the cats meow.  Bar-b-ques, fireplaces/pits, outdoor dining, mood lighting and low maintenance yards offer the opportunity to become social with the family and neighbors.  Outdoor TV's (so you can see me on the tube) and state-of-the-art radio systems (so you can hear me on the radio) are incorporated for extra sensory entertainment value.

Native Plants vs Water Saving Plants: I don't want to start a fight here but native plants typically are not that pretty.  Sure they can have blooms and blossoms that are dynamic but there are so many plants worldwide that we grow in the U.S. that have the same qualities as natives and can complement each other so nicely.  Expanding your plant pallete is hot for this year.

Drip Irrigation:

Like I've always said (another trademarked saying) "It's not about not using water, it's about strategically placing it."  Sprinkler systems are fascniating in today's marketplace with every type and style you can imagine.  Do your homework then have a professional help you install one that will be effective and save you water.

How much do you spend?  The average person spends close to $400 each year on this that or the other for the yard.  This translates to nearly $30 billion dollars nationwide (most of that at my house).  Keep up the good work, increase your budget to help stimulate the economy and it'll reflect in your yard and garden.

If you'd like to talk more about gardening trends, and there are a lot more, feel free to contact me at 1-800-405-NICK(6425).  Leave your name and number 24/7 and we'll call you back!

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The solar animal deterrent is from Havahart.

The organic cedar insect control is from Pharmgrade.1 trends

Bright colors and lawn ornaments make the list of hot items this year.  Just don't over do it...less is more.

2 trends

Solar animal repellents are the hot ticket for warding off critters including dogs, cats and squirrels.

4 trends

Indoor landscaping is hot!  Houseplants in multiple of 3's and 5's work the best.

5 trends

Raised vegetable gardens are the craze.  Containers, vertical gardens, etc.


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