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Sammy Seed Coloring Contest

Hi, my name is Nick Federoff. Your parents can call me Nick and you can call me Mr. Federoff. I host a syndicated radio show. That means radio stations play or air my program from California to New York and everywhere in between. When people call my radio show at 1-800-405-NICK(6425) I answer their gardening questions.

My friend, Sammy Seed, knows a lot about gardening. It’s fun to dig holes, work with plants and get dirty. Sammy Seed knows lot’s about gardening, too. He writes books and has his own coloring book. Each month Sammy Seed will share with you a page from his coloring book. We both invite you to download and color the pages then either mail them back to us or scan them then email to us. We’ll post your artwork on our web site for people to see all over the world. Every colored page submitted will be entered into a drawing. You just might win something from The Ultimate Garden Shed here at the Botanical Gardens like: flower and vegetable seeds. Whatever it is it’ll be so cool.

We also have a contest for your school. The more Sammy Seed coloring pages submitted from your school each month, the better chance to win things for your school garden like: watering cans, hoses, vegetable and flower seeds, compost, potting soil and a whole lot more. Oh, and don’t forget to watch all of our gardening videos on The Science of Things Green. Remember, green side up : )

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Submit your final colored picture using the email form below.  
Or, you can mail your finished coloring pages to:
Sammy Seed, P.O. Box 5832, Whittier, CA 90607-5832. 

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Here are Some Submitted Entries.  Good job guys!

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