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Growing Cloned Plants

Did you know you've been growing cloned plants in your own house for years - and I bet you didn't even know it.

Cloning plants, especially houseplants, has been done for years. Tissue culture is the official process.  This is the reproduction of a plant in a chemistry laboratory.  What's done is to grow a small piece of plant in a test-tube.

The mixture it grows in is gelatinous with cane sugar, growth hormones, and water. Sounds tasty!  Every two weeks, or so they can cut the plant in half, or quarter, making  two (or four) plants where they had one.  In a few months, one can produce a million duplicate plants.  In real numbers, doubling, say 16 times, gives 64,800 plants. Adults have a hard time believing this, but kids will, and this is where rocket scientists come from. 

Words may change their meaning but not in gardening

Words may change their meaning but not in gardening. 

Isn't it funny how the meanings of words have changed over the years?  When you need a pot in gardening it doesn't have anything to do with illegal drugs.  And the same goes if you have a weed growing in your planter beds, you don't have to worry the police won't be on your doorsteps.  A weed is nothing more than an undesirable plant.

 If you're a pacifist, we need to kill stuff in the yard and garden all of the time.  Sometimes we use chemical warfare, other times it's conventional - think about it - gardening can be really gruesome with all of the killing that's done.  Oh, and my favorite is steer manure - do you actually know where steer manure comes from - and you touch the stuff and put it on your vegetables?  EWWWW.  

Dibble in the Garden

If you were to dibble in the garden would you wipe politely wipe it off your chin or ask me to join in.

Take a gander in most any gardening catalogue and you'll find some really strange looking tools that are designed to give you a hand.  For instance, a dibble is used to make holes when transplanting or installing bulbs.  Originally a dibble was nothing more than a six inch end section of a cow's horn.  When choosing a dibble make sure it has a strong handle.  You'll come across two different types: a T handle and a D shaped handle.  Both are ergonomically correct and easy to use.  If you do a lot of planting or have a large yard a dibble can help you poke holes for planting purposes quickly and efficiently.  If you've never dibbled in your garden before, you don'' know what you're missing. 

Furry friends in the yard and garden or are they really foes.

Furry friends in the yard and garden or are they really foes.

We normally don't equate rodents as one of mans best friends but some are harmless - even beneficial to the yard and garden.  And yes, some can create damage beyond repair.  One of the good guys are the shrew.

They're insect eaters that have long pointed noses or muzzles with tiny eyes.  It's accurate to say shrews aren't true rodents. If you come across a small sized animal that has big black eyes, noticeable ears and a long tail you've got yourself a field mouse.  Field mice come in numbers and like to eat grain and seed.  Secure your feed in air tight containers so field mice don't become a nuciense.  A field vole is one rodent that you don't want visiting your garden.  It's has black fur, a short tail, barely visible ears, and small eyes. 

Helping out cut flowers.

Helping out cut flowers. Let's say you just received some flowers and you have the perfect vase (or vauze for us cultured types) that the bouquet would look perfect in.  

But, wait a minute - the vase leaks - don't throw it way, let's see if we can fix it.  Repair the vase by melting some paraffin wax.  Pour the hot wax into the cracked vase, swish the liquid around before it has time to cool.  Hopefully, the wax covered up the cracks and it won't leak any more.  Top heavy flower arrangements can be counter balanced by placing marbles or rocks in the bottom of a vase.    Some flowers may look gorgeous but have no pleasant stink.  Soak a cotton ball in perfume or potpourri oil, place between flower stems them get your sniffer out for a wonderful smell. 

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